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Representative Schuette: Time Should Be Up On Daylight Saving
RELEASE|March 12, 2024

Representative Bill G. Schuette has introduced new legislation to simplify Michigan’s time zones, help improve sleep and academic performance and hopefully reduce rates of car crashes and heart attacks in our state.

Schuette’s “Sunshine Protection Act” – House Bill 5566 – will place Michigan on standard time year-round, eliminating the abrupt and unnecessary shift to Daylight Saving Time we experience every year in March.

“Every year in March, I hear from Michiganders who are frustrated with losing an hour of sleep and having their work, sleep and school schedules thrown off when we switch from Standard to Daylight Saving Time. But it is more than just an inconvenience for Michiganders, it is a well-being and safety issue for our families and kids,” said Schuette, of Midland. “We have seen more research showing the very real and concerning drawbacks for people after Daylight Saving Time comes into effect. Negative, sudden impacts on sleep affect school or job performance and can cause other overlooked issues. It’s past time for Michigan to end this antiquated practice and stop burdening residents by forcing them to acclimate to a change twice per year, every single year.”

Research shows the spring transition to Daylight Saving Time increases the average rate of fatal automobile accidents by 6 percent nationwide due to loss of sleep which can contribute to delayed reaction times and less attention being paid to the road. Some studies have also examined fluctuations in heart attack and cardiovascular disease numbers around the periods where people “spring forward” with a time change – with hospitals reporting spikes in heart attack visits around the U.S. after Daylight Saving Time and a drop in visits after people get an extra hour to sleep.

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