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Rep. BeGole standing up for common-sense policy amidst radical green energy mandates
RELEASE|October 13, 2023
Contact: Brian BeGole

State Rep. Brian BeGole today outlined numerous issues with Democrat green energy measures after legislative hearings this week.

House Bills 5120-5123, which were introduced by House Democrats on Tuesday and received a hearing just a day later before the House Energy, Communications, and Technology Committee, would give the unelected Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) the unilateral authority to site large solar and wind construction. This move would restrict Michigan’s energy potential and disregard what forms of energy work for people in their communities. The three-member board is made exclusively of Governor Whitmer’s appointees.

“We have a broad energy portfolio in our state that meets the needs of different areas and communities,” said BeGole, of Antrim Township, who serves on the House Energy, Communications, and Technology Committee and questioned the need for the legislation in Wednesday’s hearing. “Energy providers are already moving toward more renewable energy options on a timeline that makes sense and without government stepping in and forcing the issue. This type of artificial influence from government will have drastic consequences for communities who rely on certain forms of energy generation.”

The bills work hand-in-hand with broad, reckless mandates that House Democrats previously introduced in the form of House Bills 4759-4761. The plans would force Michigan electric companies to use entirely carbon-free power sources by 2035, closing natural gas plants, driving the cost of electricity through the roof, and making the grid more susceptible to blackouts.

“Summers in Michigan are hot and winters are cold. We can’t risk grid reliability,” BeGole said. “These are rushed, reckless plans that accelerate a radical agenda.”

HBs 5120-23 remain under consideration in the House Energy, Communications and Technology Committee.

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