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New legislation taking effect soon
RELEASE|February 28, 2024

By: State Rep. Pauline Wendzel

Last year, the Democrats adjourned the Michigan legislature historically early to advance the date with which the partisan policies they passed take effect. The measures below, among others, are now set to take effect in just a few short weeks.

  • Green New Deal – A year after devastating ice storms paralyzed our state, Democrats have taken no action to improve our distribution grid.  Instead, they passed a partisan package that could double monthly utility bills for Michigan families while providing worse service. Democrats sold out Michigan families, abandoning reliability and affordability.
  • Income Tax Increase – My colleagues and I fought relentlessly to achieve an income tax cut for every single Michigan resident.  The first thing Democrats have done is sued Republicans to stop this tax cut. Instead of putting more money into your family budget, Democrats think government knows best and that they can spend your money better than you.
  • Gun laws – The Second Amendment is clear.  You have a right to defend yourself and your family.  Early last year, Democrats passed numerous pieces of legislation that infringes on this basic right. When these laws take effect, Michiganders will have a harder time defending themselves and their families by exercising their constitutional rights.
  • Third grade reading requirement eliminated – Michigan students have lost so much thanks to the poor COVID policies of the administration.  Instead of getting students back on track, Democrats repealed a law designed to identify struggling students and help them catch up and get back on track.
  • Prevailing wage reinstated – In an effort to promote fiscal responsibility, Republicans did away with prevailing wage requirements, which artificially increased the costs of projects for school districts and local governments. Now that this is repealed, taxpayers will immediately be on the hook to pay for artificially expensive projects.

Last year was one of the most partisan years in our state’s history. Thankfully, the House is currently at a 54-54 split, so there will be a pause in our state pursuing a far-left agenda. We need to quickly reverse course and take lessons from states that are growing and thriving, not lessons from New York and California who are bleeding population.  Michigan deserves better, and it’s worth fighting for so we can achieve a better future.

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