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Rep. Bollin announces bipartisan plan to make health care more accessible, affordable
RELEASE|February 25, 2021
Contact: Ann Bollin

State Rep. Ann Bollin and the Michigan House today announced a bipartisan plan to improve the quality of health care while making it more accessible and affordable for people in Michigan.

Bollin, of Brighton Township, said the plan focuses on three main goals: Lowering the cost of prescription medicine, increasing access to care and making every level of the health-care industry step up its game and provide a higher standard of care.

“The high cost of life-saving prescription drugs keeps too many Michiganders up at night,” Bollin said. “We’re taking action to drive down the cost of medicine and improve access to care for people of all ages in every local community.”

Specifically, Bollin is sponsoring a measure to expand access to telehealth services in Michigan. It would ensure out-of-state physicians can provide telemedicine services to people in Michigan without overly burdensome licensure requirements.

“The pandemic has made access to telemedicine services more important than ever before,” Bollin said. “Instead of sitting in a busy waiting room with others who may be sick, people can see their doctors in the comfort of their own homes. And by granting access for patients in Michigan to speak with health care professionals and specialists from across the country, we’re giving our residents the opportunity to find the best possible care.”

Among the other proposed solutions are reforms to cap out-of-pocket costs for insulin, put a check on unregulated prescription middlemen who manipulate drug prices, and hold drug companies accountable by requiring manufacturers to submit details on how their drugs are priced.

A full list of proposed reforms included in the plan is available here: https://gophouse.org/posts/house-bipartisan-health-care-plan.


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